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About Us

LALINK Automatic Machine Co., LTD of Taiwan is a leading manufacturer of Factory Automation, the products lines with cover LCD/LCM Lamination Machine, Customized Contact Lens Production Lines (including Pad Printing/De-Molding/AOI Inspection/Hydration EQ/Packing M/C…etc); IMD/IMF Vacuum High Pressure Forming Machine, IC Chip Vacuum Assembling & Cleaning Machine, FPC Inspection Machine, Glass Inspection Equipment, Semi-Conductor Automation Equipment; Blood Glucose Cutting/Assembling M/C; Silicon Injection Rubber Assembling M/C, T-P Protect Tube with Ultrasonic welding assembly machine, Bloodline Universal Assembling M/C; MDX Oxygen Cylinder Assembling M/C; Facial/Eye Mask Packing M/C; Safety Syringe & Injection Assembling M/C; Lamination & Cutting M/C & Customized Factory Automation M/C (ODM/OEM).


LALINK with more than 30 years of experience and know-how for RD & Service Team, 100% own technology, some of LALINK's products with honor to obtain the Patent Certificate in Taiwan, Japan and China. LALINK's continuing research and development and customer feedback has allowed us to constantly improve our products. Our user friendly, state of the art equipment is considered the most reliable in the market. Lower operating costs combined with less maintenance expense and a longer operational life time to provides customers with the lowest cost of ownership.



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